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Mediterraneo Spanish Centre website was founded in 1996, we are exclusively dedicated to Spanish teaching, and in totally personalized form, we are offering higly specialised Spanish courses into the Valencian community and in Madrid and Barcelona. Our method and experience of years we have improved our services and courses, always trying to draw your interests and attention. If you want to learn Spanish for employment, educational, or for the pure pleasure of learning Spanish, Mediterraneo Spanish Centre website is the place for you. You can expect personal attention and unmatched student support.

Couses conducted at your accommodation: We offer the option to conduct language classes comfortably at your own accommodations; in a small group setting of up to five of your friends/colleagues, or individually in a One on One setting. The teacher will come to your accomadation at the scheduled time and will conduct the class just as if you were in a school setting. This setting provides a more comfortable learning environment for the students while saving time and money on travel.

We are located in Valencia, the third largest city of Spain, an of course, there is no better country for learning Spanish than Spain itself! Located on the east coast of Spain, Valencia offers great beaches, a great variety of cuisine, open-minded and friendly people, and a culture worth discovering. Furthermore, its Mediterranean climate allows for an average of 322 days of sunshine per year, making Valencia a wonderful place to visit year round.

And Madrid With its neverending nightlife, and thousands of bars and night clubs, Madrid is said to be one of the most exciting cities inEurope. The city has a population of ca. 3.5 million and it is a destination for thousands of people from all over the world. Madrid has an exceptional cultural life. Here you can find world renowned museums as well as many exhibitions, theatres and cinemas. All this makes Madrid the perfect city to learn Spanish. Meet people from Spain and other different countries With Mediterráneo Spanish Centre you will learn Spanish, meet people from Spain and other different countries, and have an opportunity to be immersed in the Spanish culture. Our native and professional staff will help you learn all the Spanish you are prepared to learn, and in Valencia or Madrid, you will have the vacation you have always wanted to have.